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The Outsiders Perspective is a not-for-profit incubation platform for People of Colour, aimed at increasing representation in Operational, Commercial and Marketing roles in the Fashion and Luxury industries.

The incubation programme provides accelerated insights into the industry and its business verticals, and offers the opportunity for networking and prospective employment with our growing list of brand partners.

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"There is enough evidence out there that supports the business case for diverse talent, but brands are struggling to find the team, The Outsiders Perspective offers a solution."

Jamie GillFounder

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Applicants will have 4+ years of experience in areas such as Accounting, Finance, HR, Marketing, Legal and IT, outside of the Fashion & Luxury industries. Successful candidates are interviewed as part of the selection process.


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APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. You can register your interest for Cohort 4. We are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate diverse talent who are wanting to make the move into an exciting career in Fashion & Luxury but currently work in other industries.


Discover the spectrum of operational, commercial and marketing functions available within the fashion and luxury industries today.


"Despite only recently launching the programme, Gill has already enlisted the support of numerous prestigious brands and businesses."


“The Outsiders Perspective, an incubator to help talented People of Color to enter the operational side of the business at an elevated level.”


“The initiative will provide mentoring opportunities to people of colour seeking to break into the fashion industry in various fields, such as sales, merchandising, operations, marketing and legal.”

Jamie Gill

The Outsiders Perspective Founder

Jamie Gill is an advisor and consultant in the Fashion, Luxury and retail sectors. He has a professional background in architecture, advisory, consulting, and venture capital, as well as operating fashion & luxury brands.

He is passionate about mentorship and championing emerging British brands on an international level. His commitments to diversity and inclusion are based upon a fundamental belief in a need for positive change and an understanding of how equitable representation is critical to driving business growth.

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Jamie Portrait
Jamie Portrait


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